Week 3 Updates: Module 2 Principles of Sustainability

Hello and Happy Monday!

We hope you stayed safe, warm, and healthy over this snowy weekend. Check out Pack Essentials website full of amazing wellness resources on campus to help you thrive at NC State!

We have set the goal to wrap up Module 1 assignments by this evening, Monday 1/24 by 5 pm. Please email both Dr. Goller and Dr. S (in the same email) if you had unforeseen or burdensome circumstances over the weekend that will prevent you from meeting this goal by 5 pm today, January 24.

This week also kicks off Module 2 Principles of Sustainability. This will be our first two-week-long module that will have similar but adapted submission expectations to our one-week long modules:


This week 1/24-1/28

  • Complete nearly all of Book 2 with its accompanying Scaffolded Notes before coming to our synchronous Zoom session

    • There are 3 readings to complete using Hypothes.is and you do not have to complete them all in the first week. Chip away at them consistently over Module 2.

  • Come to our synchronous Zoom session on 1/27 to discuss the Electronic Graveyard case study and to learn about literature review & citation management from an expert Guest Speaker: NC State Science Librarian Kristy Borda, B.S., MLIS.

    • Here is our course Zoom LINK (in case of another unforeseen Moodle crash)!

  • Public Science Project Milestone 1 is due 1/27 by 5pm.

  • Work on other Learning Activities and Assessments that will be due 2/4 by 5pm. We do not recommend leaving them all for the second week, but you do not need to complete them in any given order.


Next week 1/31-2/4

  • Come to our synchronous Zoom session on 2/3

  • Complete all Module 2 Instructional Materials, Learning Activities and Assessments, and Semester-Long Project goals listed on Moodle for Module 2.

    • Complete all 3 readings with Hypothes.is annotations from Book 2

    • Submit Scaffolded Notes 2

    • Complete Power Notes Book

    • Quiz 2

    • Forum 2

    • Reflection 2

    • 1 Ethical reasoning case study on a topic of your choosing


Looking forward to a fun Module learning about Principles of Sustainability! Reach out to both instructors with any health or personal concerns that will prevent you from reaching our Module 2 expectations. We are here to support you!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: ccgoller@ncsu.edu

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email: casjogre@ncsu.edu