Unit 6 Part 2: Experimental Design and Projects!

We hope you had a great weekend! This week we continue Module 6, and apply what we are learning about Experimental Design to our Team Project Design Challenge!

For part 2, continue with these tasks:

  • Complete the repetitive course assignments:
    • Quiz 6
    • Forum 6
    • Reflection 6
    • Your instructors have emailed you a Team Project draft from another team for you to review for Task 4. You must individually review the draft by making a copy of the Peer Review Worksheet and submit it on the Moodle submission platform by 5 pm on 4/8.
  • Complete one Ethical Reasoning Case Study.
  • Finish HWA and HWE from Unit 5.


Teamwork from Flaticon.com Four hands with different skin tones coming together.

Teamwork from Flaticon.com


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