Starting Module 6: Experimental Design

Starting Module 6: Experimental Design

This week we begin Module 6 and we will learn about Experimental Design and apply it to our Team Project Design Challenge! In order to design experiments that produce useful data, we need to carefully consider the experimental design. In this module we will discuss different elements of experimental design, create a hypothesis that is testable and based on the evidence you have found, and design an experiment that you could test with existing bioinformatics resources.


Week 1:

  • Read the Lab Protocol for Nanopore DNA Sequencing before the morning of 11/1.
    • Review your data on DNA concentrations as we will select one sample with good quality DNA for sequencing for each isolate? Remember: 400 ng of DNA is what we want, though if we can get close to that is ok too? 
  • Attend our in-person Lab on 11/1 at 10:15 AM in Jordan Hall 6114
  • Complete Book 6 with the accompanying Scaffolded Notes 6 by Thursday at 10 AM.
  • Come to our Zoom Active Learning session on 11/3 to discuss Experimental Design.
  • Work on other Learning Activities and Assessments that will be due 11/11 by 5 PM. We do not recommend leaving them all for the second week: work on them as it fits in your schedule.
  • Review your personal feedback from your instructors to improve on your assignments.


Week 2:

  • Complete the repetitive course assignments:
    • Quiz 6
    • Forum 6
    • HWE Lessons 1-2
    • Work on completing one Ethical Reasoning Case Study.
      • Be sure to read what others have shared and leave at least ONE comment.
    • Reflection 6


There will be a University Wellness Day this week on Thursday November 3rd. We wish to ask you about how we can foster community on this day, as well as support your needs to rest a be well. We look forward to seeing you in the Lab on Tuesday to share more!


Take good care!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

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