Completing Task 5: Submitting Your Final Team Project Design Challenge Report

We are really excited to learn about your research and team design projects! 

Your Team Project is due on Monday, December 5th, by 5 PM. Please continue to review the Team Project Guidelines as you finish your work. 

We added more detail about the expectations for the text and KBase Narratives. Please review the guidelines carefully and the text below.

There are 100 possible points for this assignment. We have high expectations, and the points below are the maximum possible points available.


  • 60 points for 2-3 pages of text that is free of grammatical errors, is properly cited (not plagiarized!), and is organized logically.

    • Appropriate text sections: Introduction, Microbial Solutions, Experimental Approach, Microbe Species, Future Directions, and References. (30 points)

      • Future directions that propose a clearly stated hypothesis that is testable and includes an experimental approach to test.

      • At least 15 reliable references and proper in-text citations supporting your work

    • A KBase Narrative with template text removed and sections completed for your microbe! (30 points)

      • Title, Abstract, and Authors (you!)

      • Introduction (about your microbe, 1 paragraph)

      • Background and Experimental Methods (2-4 paragraphs)

      • Import (mention that the sequence files were uploaded including the number of sequences)

      • QC, Assembly, and Annotation (3-5 sentences explaining the sequence of apps used)

      • Taxonomic Classification (3-5 sentences explaining the results)

      • Metabolic Modeling and Flux Balance Analysis (optional)

      • References (references used for your Narrative)

  • 20 points for creating a graphical abstract that summarizes the research. It must not include any copyrighted images and include a descriptive legend.

  • 20 points for a recording of your text (audio, video, or screencast) that is accessible. Videos should include careful captions.

Review Grades on Moodle
Review your Grades on Moodle. Computer with “Time for review” on screen and “Review your grades on Moodle”

Post questions to the Student Help Forum, and also please review the Moodle grade book carefully. Let us know if we missed any of your assignments or made any mistakes.


Your BIT Instructional Team,

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