Review your Moodle Gradebook

Review your Moodle Gradebook

Review Grades on Moodle
Review your Grades on Moodle. Computer with “Time for review” on screen and “Review your grades on Moodle”


With the semester wrapping up, it is a good time to review your grades in Moodle. Check to ensure that the repetitive course assignments from each Module (Scaffolded Notes, Forums, Quizzes, HWA/HWE, and Reflections) were submitted and graded. Work to complete anything that you have not submitted by Friday, December 9th by 5PM. By now you know that I believe in high quality work, and strong communication. Please email us which assignment you have submitted late so that our attention is alerted to your submission (Moodle will not alert us!).

Your instructors are still grading the Ethical Reasoning Case Studies and Final Project Submissions. We plan to have everything graded by Wednesday, December 14th by 5 PM. You will have all day Thursday 12/15 to review your final grades before we submit official grades on Friday, December 16th. Please communicate any questions or concerns with us ASAP! Do not wait! We are human, we make mistakes, and appreciate helpful communication!

Good luck with all of your finals this week! 

We believe in you! 

Be well and stay safe!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

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