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You have considered biotechnology and sustainability from multiple perspectives this semester and shared your Public Science Communication projects! You worked together in teams to create a genome assembly for your microbe by analyzing DNA-seq data and sharing what you learned writing a genome announcement! We have enjoyed learning from each of you and are excited for how you may use your technology coding skills and sustainability knowledge in your future research projects and in your personal lives! We are proud of the accomplishments you have achieved this semester!

Image of DNA in a 1.5 mL EpiTube with NC State's campus seen out a window in Jordan Hall
DNA in solution photographed by Dr. Sjogren

Please check your grades in Moodle and review all feedback carefully. Please let us know if you have any questions or discover any errors before 10 AM on Friday, May 5. We are human and we make mistakes! 

We will submit grades at noon on Friday.

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