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Thank you for being part of our learning community! 

We appreciate your commitment to learning about sustainability and the impacts of electronic waste disposal practices we currently have. You all brought your experience, ideas, and energy. We enjoyed how you worked in groups, shared ideas in forums, and provided respectful feedback. Dr. Huggins, Pricilla, and I appreciate your time and hope that beyond the course grade, you have learned approaches (molecular biology, reading critically, ethical reasoning) that will help you on your career paths. We hope you also visit the BITS website to learn what others are doing to address sustainability challenges and remember the contributions you and the BIT 295 community are making! In the coming weeks, your projects will be posted for those who consented to share your work as a public resource!

We will be providing feedback on your E-CURE reflections next week! We hope to encourage your continued growth on NC State’s campus and beyond! Congratulations on a great fall semester!

We hope to reconnect in the future! 

Your BIT Instructional Team,

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