Week 7: Project Updates

Thank you for dropping into virtual student hours this morning and asking us questions by email. We love questions! It is energizing to learn how teams are working together and thinking about the group projects! 

We know that your research teams do not YET have all the details of your Team Project Design Challenge- no need to panic! For now, we want you to make a general plan in outline/bullet form and update your diagram.

Here are some guiding questions and considerations to help you generate an outline and a diagram of your approach:

  • Can you describe in general terms what you know about this project? With the exception of the last two bullets, you may begin to use these to draft your outline and possibly find more references!
    • What microbes are you investigating (remember there are different types of microbes, even though you don’t YET know your team’s species)?
    • Where did these microbes come from?
    • What is special about these microbes? And how does that relate to recycling e-waste?
    • What is already known about e-waste?
    • What is already known about using microbes to recycle e-waste?
    • Does your microbe have the potential to be used to recycle e-waste? (more specific to the species TBD)
    • Predict how your microbe has the potential to be used to recycle e-waste based on sequences found in its genome? (more specific to the species and genetic evidence TBD)
  • Break each step down in your diagram, and organize your outline with each step turning into a header for a bulleted list.

We hope this helps you achieve Task 2 of theTeam Project Design Challenge due Friday 2/25 by 5 pm. As you uncover resources with your team we hope to also help everyone in our learning community! Come prepared to our Zoom synchronous session this Thursday to share an update on your team’s progress!

Dr.S go team
Bitmoji of Dr.S shouting the encouragement, “Go Team!”


Dr G. bitmoji
Bitmoji of Dr. G investigating microbes (symbolically because a magnifying glass is not as powerful as a microscope)