Module 4: Introduction to Biotechnology part 2 (KBase!)

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We know that you have many responsibilities at this time of the semester and can really be feeling the pressure to keep up. We also understand that there are many stressful events going on outside of campus life, and it can add to our inability to focus. We want to help connect you to resources that can help you. Please take time to complete our wellness survey. We want to get an idea of what is truly going on with each of you so that we can better support you as a person, as a student, and as an integral part of our learning community! We also want to promote the Drop-In space offered by the Counseling and Prevention Services so you can connect with others on campus! For example, check out Start the Convo happening tomorrow from 4-5 pm in Witherspoon Student Center room 204!


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As we will continue our adventure with The Central Dogma in Module 4 we will connect it to its importance in biotechnology! This week we will practice using KBase and each of you will need to set up your FREE user account before our synchronous session on Thursday! Follow these instructions to sign up using your NCSU Google account!

Here is the Module 4 to-do list to help you complete this module by Friday, March 4 by 5 PM.

Module 4 Introduction to Biotechnology:

  • Thursday’s class is on Zoom
  • Read and watch Book 4
  • Complete Scaffolded Notes 4 and practice your MO’s on the last page!
  • Submit your entry to Forum 4 
    • Be sure to read what others have shared and leave at least ONE comment on another person’s work.
  • Write your Reflection 4 and take 5 minutes to proofread it before submitting your assignment.
    • Are there any typos or grammatical errors?
    • Did I explain concepts I learned as I would to a person outside of our learning community?
    • How do you use biotechnology in everyday life?
Semester-Long Project Goals:

We encourage you to make use of our scheduled lecture time to visit your instructors in student hours and work with your groups on your Team Project Design Challenge. Your instructors are also available for students hour appointments to support your hard work and enthusiasm in this class! As always, you can also email us any questions that you may have- we love questions!


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