We submitted grades!

295 Student Researchers!

You did it! We are proud of the work you did and the ideas you shared on the forums and during our sessions together. You connected global issues with biotechnology and used the scientific method to investigate possible solutions. As we practiced the scientific method and discussed it as a process, our hope is that you have a new appreciation for it as a dynamic and evolving problem solving method. We also learned about arguments and supporting claims as we share our new findings. You explored KBase and genomes… annotating Ensifer and learning about other organisms. We know you will take on new challenges with the knowledge you gained and perspectives you were exposed to. Consider ethical and sustainable approaches on your path forward in science.

We hope you share your journey with us by staying connected! 

Take care!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: ccgoller@ncsu.edu 

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email: casjogre@ncsu.edu 


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