Module 2 Expectations

Hello and Happy Labor Day!We hope you are safely enjoying this three-day weekend. This week we begin Module 2 Principles of Sustainability. This will be our first two-week long module that will have similar but adapted submission expectations to our one-week long modules: 


This week 9/6-9/9

  • Attend our first in-person Lab on 9/6 at 10:15 AM in 6114 Jordan Hall. Come early! 
  • Complete Power Notes Book
  • Complete nearly all of Book 2 with its accompanying Scaffolded Notes before Thursday.
    • Submit Scaffolded Notes 2 before 9/8 10:15 AM.
    • There are 3 readings to complete using PowerNotes, and you do not have to complete them all in the first week. Chip away at them consistently over Module 2.
  • Come to our synchronous Zoom session on 9/8 to discuss the Electronic Graveyard case study and to learn about literature review & citation management from an expert Guest Speaker: NC State Science Librarian Kristy Borda, B.S., MLIS.
  • Public Science Project Milestone 1 is due 9/8 by 5pm.
  • Task 1 of your Team Project Design Challenge is due 9/9 by 5 PM.
  • Work on other Learning Activities and Assessments that will be due 9/16 by 5pm. We do not recommend leaving them all for the second week: work on them as it fits in your schedule.


Next week 9/12-9/16

  • Attend our Zoom Lab session on 9/13 at 10:15 AM. 
  • Come to our Active Learning Zoom session on 9/15
  • Complete all Module 2 Learning Activities and Assessments before 9/16 5 PM.
    • Complete all 3 readings from Book 2 with PowerNotes.
    • Forum 2
    • Quiz 2
    • Reflection 2
    • 1 Ethical reasoning case study on a topic of your choosing


Looking forward to a fun Module learning about Principles of Sustainability! Reach out to both instructors with any health or personal concerns that will prevent you from reaching our Module 2 expectations. You can also use our Grace Period Request Form if you need additional time to meet Module 2 expectations! We are here to support you!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: 

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email: 

DrG. Science
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Dr. S Welcome
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