Module 5 Week 2

Module 5 Week 2

Hello everyone!

This week we continue Module 5: Reading Critically as a Community of Scholars. We are excited about the progress we are making in our course projects and learning gains! Your hard work is appreciated, and we can’t wait to do more!

Module 5 Week 2 (10/24-28)

  • Come to our Zoom Lab on 10/25 and the Active Learning Zoom session on 10/27.
  • Complete all Module 5 Learning Activities and Assessments before 10/28 5 PM.
    • Forum 5 with comments on other’s post
    • Quiz 5
    • How We Argue Lessons 8
    • How We Evaluate Lesson 0
    • Reflection 5
    • 1 Ethical reasoning case study on a topic of your choosing
      • Be sure to read what others have shared and leave at least ONE comment.
  • Complete Task 4 by Friday, October 28th at 5PM.

Thank you for being such an engaged and committed community! 

As always, you can also email us any questions that you may have- we love questions!

DNA structure
Colorful DNA and magnifying glass

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