Exploring your (new) genomes with KBase

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KBase logo with three circles yellow, green, and blue with illustrations of bacteria, plants, and the globe.

What is KBase? Do you need a refresher? Watch this five-minute video.

This KBase Narrative is an interactive way to explore how YOU can put together (“assemble”) and identify genes and features (“annotate”) a genome with KBase: https://narrative.kbase.us/narrative/20498 

Our goal is for you to start working with the sequences we obtained from the Nanopore sequencer. We have uploaded your sequences or will help you upload them and analyze in KBase

This two part webinar series is an excellent opportunity to learn more about genome assembly and annotation. While it is a two-part series and each about an hour long, it is worth watching in the coming weeks. 

We will work together in teams to complete the Narrative by adding information YOU have uncovered through research (remember to go back to PowerNotes) and now you can use it to complete a “Genome Announcement.” The task is to go from Nanopore sequences to a genome with features we can then analyze and connect with the possibility of using this and other organisms for electronic waste recycling!


Share your questions on the Student Help Forum so that we all get to learn and work together.


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