Module 2 Expectations

Module 2 Expectations

Hello everyone!

This week we begin Module 2 Principles of Sustainability. This will be our first two-week long module that will have similar but adapted submission expectations to our one-week long modules: 

This week 1/23 – 2/27

  • Attend our first in-person Lab on 1/24 at 10:15 AM in 6114 Jordan Hall. Come early! 
DrG bitmoji (decorative)
Bitmoji of Dr. Goller is excited about science!
Bitmoji of Dr. Sjogren welcoming you to the first in person lab in Jordan hall
Bitmoji of Dr. Sjogren welcoming you to the first in person lab in Jordan hall
Emory New bitmoji with "See you in class" written on chalkboard
Emory New bitmoji with “See you in class” written on chalkboard
  • Complete Power Notes Book
  • Complete all of Book 2 with its accompanying Scaffolded Notes before Thursday.
    • Submit Scaffolded Notes 2 before 1/26 10:15 AM.
    • There are 3 readings to complete using PowerNotes, and you do not have to complete them all in the first week. Chip away at them consistently over Module 2.
    • Make an original post in Forum 2
  • Come to our synchronous Zoom session on 1/26 to discuss the Electronic Graveyard case study and to learn about literature review & citation management from an expert Guest Speaker: NC State Science Librarian Kristy Borda, B.S., MLIS.
  • Public Science Project Milestone 1 is due 2/2 by 5pm.
  • Task 1 of your Team Project Design Challenge is due 2/3 by 5 PM.


  • Work on Learning Activities and Assessments that will be due next week on 9/16 by 5pm (see below). We do not recommend leaving them all for the second week: work on them as it fits in your schedule.


Next week 1/30 – 2/3

  • Attend our Zoom Lab session on 1/31 at 10:15 AM. 
  • Come to our Active Learning Zoom session on 2/2
  • Complete all Module 2 Learning Activities and Assessments before 2/3 by 5 PM.
    • Complete all 3 readings from Book 2 with PowerNotes.
    • Respond to another student’s post in Forum 2
    • Quiz 2
    • 1 Ethical reasoning case study on a topic of your choosing


Looking forward to a fun Module learning about Principles of Sustainability! Reach out to both instructors with any health or personal concerns that will prevent you from reaching our Module 2 expectations. You can also use our Grace Period Request Form if you need additional time to meet Module 2 expectations! We are here to support you!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

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