Wellness Day!

Happy Wellness Day!

We hope that you TRULY take time to SELF-CARE today! Here are some of your instructors’ favorite SELF-CARE! 

Emory’s Self Care:

  • Go on a walk (Especially on a sunny day to the Art Museum, Lake Johnson, Campus)
  • Meal Prepping (relieving excess mental stress)
  • Read a non-academic book (Colleen Hoover is top of my list right now)

Emory's bitmoji enjoying a picnic for self-care.

Dr. Sjogren’s Self Care

  • Paint my fingernails (and sit around doing nothing while they dry)
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Yoga (if I am particularly low energy I just do “legs up the wall” pose for 10-15 minutes)

Dr. Sjogren painting her nails while relaxing with a glass of lemonade

Dr. Goller’s Self Care

  • Calm.com soundscapes
  • Blinklist fun books
  • Playing with kids

Dr. Goller bitmoji with "podcast" text in blue

Remember that there is no class this Thursday (2/16). We encourage you to use this Wellness Day to rest, recharge or relax with your favorite self care! Check out these events and resources on campus

Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: ccgoller@ncsu.edu 

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email: casjogre@ncsu.edu 

Emory New | email: enew@ncsu.edu