Continuing Module 2

Hello BIT 295 Scholars,

I hope you enjoyed the first week of our sustainability module. We learned a lot about sustainability and e-waste, and in the lab, we saw the results from our bacteria streaking from last week and prepared Biolog plates to characterize our unknown bacterial samples that were collected by Micaela.

Module 2 is a two week module, so we will continue learning about sustainability next week!

Check out our Sustainability Fun Facts! forum where we can all share interesting sustainability information.

Upcoming for this class-

Today, Friday, 1/26, at 5 pm, your Public Science Project Milestone 1 is due.

On Tuesday, 1/30, at 10:15 am, join us on Zoom for our active learning session.

On Thursday, 2/1, at 10:15, join us in Jordan Hall 6114 to practice microscopy! Remember to follow lab safety guidelines:

  • Wear long pants/skirts and shoes that cover your whole foot
  • Tie back your hair if it is long enough to tie back  
  • Food and drink need to stay on the cart outside of the lab.  Food and drink cannot come in, even if it’s in your backpack.  
  • Your phone needs to stay in your backpack or pocket.  Phones are surfaces that we touch frequently, and we should not be exposing them to lab materials for safety. 

By Friday, 2/2 at 5 pm

  • Complete the Module 2 Assessments
  • Your Team Project Design Challenge Task 1 is due


Your BIT Instructional Team: Dr. Haggerty, Dr. Goller, Pricilla, and Micaela

illustration of cell phone
Please do not handle your phones in the lab. Cell phone application from