End of Module 2 & Start of Module 3

Hello BIT 295 Scholars,

I hope you enjoyed the second week of our sustainability module. We learned a lot about sustainability and e-waste, and in the lab, we saw the results from our Biolog plates and visualized our bacteria with the microscope.

Today is the last day of Module 2!

That means that you should complete the Module 2 Ethical Reasoning Case Study and How We Argue lessons 2 – 3 by 5 pm.

In addition, your Team Design Project checkpoint 1 is due today at 5 pm.  I hope you’ve been able to collaborate and communicate with your group members successfully.  Let us know if you’ve had any issues.  We will discuss teamwork evaluation in class on Tuesday.

Next week, we will start Module 3– The Scientific Method.

Before Tuesday, February 6, at 10 am, Please complete the Instructional Materials & Learning Activities on Moodle

  • Complete the presentation and your scaffold notes
    • Please submit this as an uploaded document and not a link to your Google doc so we can grade it more easily.

Come to Zoom Tuesday, February 6, at 10:15 for our lecture.

On Thursday, February 8, at 10:15, join us in Jordan Hall 6114 to retry our microscopy!


Your BIT Instructional Team: Dr. Haggerty, Dr. Goller, Pricilla, and Micaela