End of Module 3 and Start of Module 4: Intro to Biotechnology

Module 3 ends today, and we will start Module 4 next week!  Module 4 will be an introduction to biotechnology!

Last class, we completed a teamwork form to reflect on our ability to work together on the Team Project Design Challenge.  If you have not completed it, please do so as soon as possible so we can release grades for Task 1.

Upcoming for this class-

Today, Friday, 2/16, at 5 pm

  • Complete the Module 3 Assessments
    • Quiz 3
    • Forum 3
  • Your Team Project Design Challenge Task 2 is due
    • Work together and use outside resources such as the library to help!
    • Complete the teamwork form for task 2

Come to Zoom on Tuesday, February 20, at 10:15 for our lecture.

On Thursday, February 22, at 10:15, join us in Jordan Hall 6114 to quantify the DNA you extracted last week!


Your BIT Instructional Team: Dr. Haggerty, Dr. Goller, Pricilla, and Micaela

plant in pot and flask
How are we using biotechnology? Botany icon from Flaticon.com