Continuing Module 4: Introduction to Biotechnology

Module 4 is a two-week module, so we will continue learning about biotechnology next week!

Upcoming for this class-

Today, Friday, 2/23, at 5 pm, your Public Science Project Milestone 3 is due.

Come to Zoom on Tuesday, February 27, at 10:15 for our session.

On Thursday, 2/29, at 10:15, join us in Jordan Hall 6114 to perform PCR to help us determine the genus of your organism!  Please let us know well in advance if you need to miss lab for any reason.

By Friday, 3/1 at 5 pm

  • Complete the Module 4 Assessments
    • Quiz 4
    • Forum 4
  • Your Team Project Design Challenge Task 3 is due


Your BIT Instructional Team: Dr. Haggerty, Dr. Goller, Pricilla, and Micaela

fertilizer and plant illustration

Inorganic fertilizer icon from