Grades are Posted!

BIT 295 students,

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work this semester. You have completed individual assignments & group projects and worked in lab to characterize novel bacterial isolates and learn more about how they can be used to help nitrogen cycling.

Carefully review feedback and grades for all assignments on Moodle. Let us know if you have questions. We do make mistakes and want to make sure we make any necessary edits/corrections before submitting course grades on Friday at noon.

Please look at the syllabus for the standard grade scale. As policy, we do use normal rounding rules so an 89.5 would round to 90. There is also a grade calculator available if you would like to check/compare the calculations to what is shown in the grade book. Make sure to reach out with any questions or concerns no later than noon on Thursday so we can address them before posting final grades. Thank you!


Your BIT Instructional Team: Dr. Haggerty, Dr. Goller, Pricilla, and Micaela

Computer Submission
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