Recap as we take leave for Spring Break

Hey everybody!

Here are a few observations and reminders that Dr. S and Dr. G want to share as we take a week off to invest in our self-care:

  • We have all been overstretched in our workloads. If you did not submit a previous assignment, you are encouraged to turn it in late. Please email us that you have turned anything in late so that we will know to grade it.
  • Team Project Design Challenge Task 3 is due today or email us about needing more time. Please use your outlines from Task 2 and write out a draft in paragraph form. Include background on: 
    • what is e-waste, 
    • why use microbes to sustainably recycle e-waste, and 
    • what you have learned about your bacterial species. 

Cite your sources and use the TurnItIn software to find where you can improve your citation practices!

  • Module 4 feedback is available for review- use it to improve your work for Module 5!


You are doing terrific work in this class! We appreciate your effort and engagement, and we are so glad that each of you are a part of our learning community! We hope that you take good care of yourself over the Spring Break, and we look forward to finishing Module 5 and “How we Evaluate” when we return!


Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: 

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email:

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Bitmoji of Dr. G encouraging you to “Rest Up”