Welcome back! Continuing with Module 5!

Welcome back! We hope that you had a restful and/or productive and safe break! 

We will wrap up Module 5 this week learning “How to Evaluate.” Similar to the first week, you will complete lessons from an external course (this week you will use Moodle!).

Be sure to complete our repeated course assignments for the Module:

  • Book 5 with Scaffolded Notes 5
  • Quiz 5
  • Forum 5
  • Reflection 5

During our Zoom Session learning together this week, we will make some announcements about course changes that simplify our workload! You can preview the changes by reviewing the Syllabus (Pages 12-15).

We look forward to a fun week learning together as a community of scholars!

Dr. G "Welcome back"
Dr. G peeking out of doggy door and there is a “Welcome back” mat.
Dr. S. "Can't wait to see you"
Dr. S. “Can’t wait to see you.”

Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: ccgoller@ncsu.edu 

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email: casjogre@ncsu.edu