Module 5 Alterations: NO CLASS THIS THURSDAY 3/9

Hello, student researchers!

We enjoyed working together in the lab on Tuesday. We were able to carry out different methods of quantitation of our genomic DNA samples from bacterial isolates. We will share our recorded data in a Google Sheet for ease of frequent use during our Module 5 Zoom Lab Session on 3/21.

We have made a few alterations to our expectations for Module 5:

Week 1 (3/6-10): 

  • Complete Book 5 and Scaffolded Notes 5 before leaving for Spring Break 
    • Instead, complete any late assignments or get ahead on Module 5 content, like How We Evaluate.
  • Work on other Module 5 assignments due after Spring Break. We do not recommend leaving them all for the second week.

SPRING BREAK (3/13-17)

  • Enjoy yourself and take good care during our well deserved break!

In the coming weeks, we will sequence DNA from your bacterial isolates and learn about the mysteries of their genomes using Create a free account and start exploring KBase. There is a great set of short videos worth watching! 

Continue to use the Student Help Forum to share questions you may have about your projects or email us- we LOVE questions and hope to hear from you this week and when we return from the Break!

Dr. Goller bitmoji under tree
Dr. Goller bitmoji under tree
Bitmoji of Dr. Sjogren frolicking in a field
Bitmoji of Dr. Sjogren frolicking in a field
Emory taking advantage of spring

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