Module 6 Expectations

In Module 6 we are learning about Demystifying ‘Big Data’ and High Throughput Approaches and applying it to our Team Project Design Challenge! We are learning so much about high throughput sequencing approaches and how they can generate large data sets. Learning from “Big Data” can be an incredible exploration of life on this planet and how we can learn from other organisms! It is in our differences that hold solutions to some of life’s greatest challenges. 

Our Module 6 Expectations are:

  • Attend the in-person Lab Session on Tuesday, 3/29 in Jordan Hall.
  • Complete Book 6 with the accompanying Scaffolded Notes 6 by Thursday, 3/30 at 10AM.
  • Attend the Active Learning Session on Thursday, 3/30.
  • Submit your Peer Review Feedback for the Team Project Design Challenge Friday, 3/31 by 5 PM and receive it back on 4/3.
  • Attend Zoom Lab Session on Tuesday, 4/4.
  • Complete the repetitive course assignments by Friday, 4/7 by 5PM:
    • Forum 6
    • Quiz 6
    • HWE Lessons 1-2
    • Complete one Ethical Reasoning Case Study.
  • Use your feedback to improve your Public Science Project and Team Project Design Challenge.
    • Your Final Public Science Communication Project is due on 4/20 by 5PM.
    • Your Team Project Design Challenge is due on 4/24 by 5PM.
  • Review your work so far this semester and reach out to instructors if you want to submit any late work.

Your BIT Instructional Team,

Dr. Carlos Goller | email: 

Dr. Carly Sjogren | email:

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